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BLK BLOC will be the lead single off my soon to be released sophomore album “No Retirement Plan” Executive Produced by Daniel Cordero. I wrote the track at the beginning of 2017; around the time of Donald Trumps’ inauguration. The track like the majority of “No Retirement Plan” is produced by Daniel Cordero out of Berlin, Germany. There is no official release date but the video is set to go live the same day the album goes live on all digital outlets. An official date will be announced soon.

BLK BLOC was not the first choice for being the lead single off the album, it just kind of pushed its way into being the lead single. The track took over a year to develop between rearranging the original beat sketch, adding a featured musician guitarist Roger Alexander Gregersen from Kristiansand, Norway, to writing, recording, mixing and finally the mastering. The lyrics took around a month to write and finalize. The initial concept and rough lyrics came instantly but I changed the lyrics a lot before I was totally satisfied with it.

There was an original release date for Blk Bloc of May 19, 2017 but after the mastering, it was decided to restructure the beat once again. The first final mix of the original single was near drumless. It was much different than the reference track I submitted with my vocal recordings. It was a very different yet powerful mix all on its own. But it just didn’t deliver the message as I originally intended so it was agreed upon to bring back the heavy drums that hint of a drum line. The drumless version of Blk Bloc may become a hidden track on the album or even a remix single release.

The track is definitely different. It’s not really comparable to anything that’s out at the moment. It is without question going to be a magnet for critics and trolls. A simple listen will come off as glorifying, condoning even calling for a Black Bloc. That is not what the song is about though, it goes a bit deeper than that but every listener has the right to their own interpretation. It was a fun track to put together. I almost immediately started collecting video footage the second the track idea came to life. It was a challenge to write to the beat as it was so different than anything I’ve ever written to but it was just fun. At the end of it all or nearing the end I can say it was a fantastic journey putting this song together and that’s what it's all about. The video has a life of its own. It takes the track into a whole different dimension and you right along with it. I will be writing a piece on how this video all came together with a zero budget. There are some really fun facts behind the making of the video. Look out for a post on that.

The track will be available on Tidal, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, Spotify etc etc. The video will be released on Capital X TV (YouTube) channel make sure you subscribe to that. Keep your five senses wide open for goings on right here on Capital X (dot) no. Till next time. Peace all ways.


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