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Welcome to my new site my people and new blog. I have designed this site to pretty much showcase my life as an Activist, Rapper, Artist, Journalist, and Speaker and just a person. I became a full time independent artist in 2008 just six years after being released from prison where I spent the last five years. I have been faced with more obstacles and opposition than one can ever imagine trying to maintain my life. Life is difficult as is and it only intensifies being an ex-prisoner. As times got difficult as they often did, I found that being open to creativeness was a fantastic solution. Being creative is what has helped me get through some of the most difficult times life has thrown at me.

In 2008 I was touring and doing segments on the lecture circuit. I was more heavy on activism most directly against capital punishment. I was barely making ends meet when I left my day job for good. Upon moving to Norway I needed a more stable means of income. I partnered with Guerrilla Republic who I’d met with back in the US. The clothing line that morphed into a Hiphop Grassroots Movement. I found myself building and maintaining multiple web-sites tied into this partnership. Working with Guerrilla Republik over the years has been an experience that is a story book in its self. I will definitely write some posts about it.

After 7 years of getting settled in Norway I felt it was time to get back to my art of making music. All my other artwork was excelling so it was time to start making music. I never stopped writing like I never stop protesting and trying to active the minds of who ever feels the vibe. In the last two years I started working with Producer/Artist Daniel Cordero in Berlin, Germany and things just started moving all by themselves. As the project developed I decided to re-rebuild my own personal web-site. My last web-site was collapsed 4 or 5 years back.

This new site is basically a combination of all the sites I was running except with the addition to my personal branding. So the site will consist of Artist profile as a Hiphop artist, also my activism works. The store features my own artwork from supporter merchandise to customized jewellery and apparel. I’ll be sharing a lot of different items I make even showing how the pieces are made. I will offer services from lectures and work shops, to events, protests, panels, music events, live performances and also branding consultations, branding, customized merchandise, graphic art, posters, sticker and CD/Album cover layouts. Skies the limit when it comes to X.

Putting all my focus into now running one site will give me the opportunity to find and share some come up moments. With the contact page the site can become a community of supporters of like mined individuals. The site will constantly be under construction. If not sharing stories about the past, I will be sharing the present and my hopes for the future. There is easy access to communications so we can build and make things happen together. Everything I do, I do for my people and the best thing one can do for their people, is stand on their own two feet. We need to lead by example at all times so that our youth will follow us. This entire site is rooted in the culture of Hip Hop. I would not be who I am today if not for Hiphop and Guerrilla Republik true story you’ll be able to read about in my blog section. We plan on video blogs as well I have limitless hopes for what this site will become. Enjoy and remember don’t hesitate to contact. Peace and progress all.-


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