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305375 The Voice of the Voiceless Vol. 1

305375 The Voice of the Voiceless Vol. 1

Happy to announce the reissue of my freshman album 305375 The Voice of the Voiceless Vol. 1. The album turned 7 on May 19, 2017. Once again it is available on all digital outlets for streaming or downloads. Hard copies are available on the store page.

305375 got good reviews by those who chose to really listen to the album. It is far from your run of the mill rap record. If I had to do it all again I would do a hundred things differently on the album but the lyrics and messages would remain.

I have always wanted to write a short book or film a short documentary on how 305375 all came together. It was an insane journey I’ll tell you. By leaking one acapella early on in the albums development things started to roll. I was asked to do shows and events before I even had a single out. The album ending up being recorded all over the place. 305375 was recorded in studios, living rooms, basements, hotel rooms you name it. I did rough mixes sitting at my moms dining room table in Raleigh, North Carolina. All the while I was touring the US which extended to Europe. It was pretty incredible how things just started falling into place. I will most likely end up writing blogs about it.

To some 305375 is garbage. A failure. If measured to mainstream success there may be no argument. For me personally the album was a huge success. It did everything I imagined it would and some. I for the second time experienced just how powerful Hiphop is. I got shown a lot of love and support but without question the critics and haters came in droves. No matter what who thinks first and foremost the release of 305375 was a huge achievement accomplished for myself. I was fresh out of doing a 5 year bid in prison. I literally started in the hole so to climb out and release an album independently meant everything to me.

305375 got me out to Europe first Italy and on to a dozen other countries where I did lectures, workshops and performances. What I’m saying in the album is more relevant today than when the material was written. This album helped me to become a full time independent artist. I wasn’t making trunk fulls of money but I was getting by. Hiphop has been very good to me and I am very grateful. So what if I’m not the hottest topic with huge releases, cover spreads and what not? That is just someone else’s definition of success. I don’t need boat loads of material things to prove my success I rather have a heart filled with life experiences and memories.

Love it or hate it 305375 is and always will be. There is a lot of truth and history recorded in that album. There are so many true cool facts that go with this album too. For example: Once the album was complete, artwork, mastering everything I sold my Nissan 200SX to pay for the pressing up of 2000 copies. I released 305375 on my own label I.G.W.T. Records that I had built some years earlier. True story.

So as we proceed nearing the release of new material we figured it would be a good idea to stir up the bee hive by reissuing 305375 and pushing the videos we made for the album which some were really slept on and still are.

I will add links to a couple of reviews I found if I find any more I will update and yes stop by the store and pick yourself up a hard copy we have a limited amount so don’t sleep. Till next time. Peace, Love and Progress. X

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