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Hiphop Saved My Life


Heard the saying before? I’m sure you have at some point in time. For me personally seeing I can’t speak for anyone else but me, these five words could NOT be more true.

I was already in the clutches of the streets when I first met hip hop. She hadn’t even been named yet but like the story of Jesus, many came baring gifts and paid homage to the Newborn Saviour from the South Bronx. There was definitely cause for celebration.

From the very day I first met no matter how dark, deep or crooked my life path lead me, Hiphop shined high above like a beacon guiding me when no one or anything else was. Hiphop taught me long after teachers had given up on me and it gave me faith and hope like NO preacher man ever had or could have ever given me. Hiphop talked to me when everyone else remained silent and she spoke louder than all when they did so to drown out the ignorance some tried to feed me. She listened to me when no one else would and never interrupted me when I spoke. Even when I was just venting pure rage. Yea I called Hiphop she because Hiphop has given birth to so many. She also loved and nurtured plenty. She has been through hell but still spreads pure love and nurtures like a single mom often does. I feel so blessed to have been around since nearly the very beginning of it all.

I owe Hiphop BIG TIME!!! and yea I laugh when I come across cats acting like Hiphop owes them something. I owe Hiphop my life no question about that. She stopped me from pulling the trigger on mutha fuckers more times than I can count. This is why I do what I do today. I advocate for Her and for what has become our culture. See I wish everyone that likes or loves Hiphop could experience a REAL hip hop party like back in the 80’s. Taking the train downtown from the Bronx man you just knew who was going the party just by what they were wearing. The clubs would be packed to the rafters with people of all colours and from all boroughs, all there for the same reason…to have fun. A dope DJ would be tearing it up. Man you didn’t even want to go piss cause you didn’t want to miss shit word up. Then the Emcees would take to the stage and just take everyone on a fantastic ride. ALL THE WAY TILL THE BREAK A DAWN. Graff artists used to chill passing around their black books and can’t forget the breakers cause yea though I know rock the mic, I am still a B-boy for Life. Man when them break beats dropped…it was over. Seeing true life rivals airing out their beefs on the dance floor instead of the streets was nothing short of a miracle. All praise due to Hiphop.

Though technically one can say I am, I’m not a promoter. I’m not an event organiser. I’m just this old head from Brooklyn that just loves the fuck out of Hiphop. I currently represent Guerrilla Republik (an apparel and grassroots movement) because it is where I found LIKE MINDED PEOPLE! If you have ever wondered…YES…Guerrilla Republik IS HIP HOP through and through. The gear Hip hoppers rocked back in day was definitely a part of what attracted me to the movement in the first place. Lee Twills with the permanent creases. Suede Pumas with the FAT cotton laces. BVD tees, Kangol hats, Cazel glasses, leather bombers and sheepskins word… Some of the companies that Hip hoppers helped make richer ain’t even give credit where it was due. They more proved that they ain’t give a fuck about us. So to see Hip hoppers like Guerrilla Republik now designing and manufacturing gear for Hip hoppers? It’s a beautiful thing and has been LONG over due. Props to GR and all other Hip hoppers out that are truly about the culture.

Every show I rock, every event I host, every street cypher, work-shop, lecture, every tee shirt I print, hoodie cap you name it… all of it is me giving back to the culture that saved me. I have given back and I keep giving back sometimes well beyond my last dollar. I just want people, especially kids and young adults to experience the nature of TRUE Hiphop like I was fortunate to experience it even if it’s for 10 minutes. I seen Hiphop calm the biggest, deadliest, nastiest city in the world with my own eyes and yea, She’s been used and abused to serve like hell but She is still alive and doing well.

A strong, healthy and thriving Hip Hop scene saves lives believe that so yea I’m a keep paying back what I owe and do everything I can to deliver that thriving Hip Hop scene where ever I am resting at. All Praise Due to Hiphop. Only the Realist, Feel This!

I originally wrote this August 13, 2014. I stumbled across it this morning and decided to share it. Peace, Love and Progress All Ways.

Capital X in Harlem, New York 1982

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