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I Want Peace

Yes I have released a NEW single “I Want Peace”.

It is now currently streaming on ALL platforms.

Yes, I have also released a NEW video for “I Want Peace” on YouTube.

I have long been known to be one that not just talks the talk, but also walks the walk…literally! For shortly after joining the abolition movement against the death penalty in 2003, I walked 1,700 miles from the State House in Trenton, New Jersey to the governors mansion in Austin, Texas in protest against capital punishment. (Capital X, Walk 4 Life 2008)

Seeing I ain’t about no half stepping I am taking my talking of Peace to another level. I am going to first and foremost BE the Peace I want to see in the world. It’s one thing to think of peace, or to wish for it, it’s another to actually BE it, and work towards it without FIGHTING. I believe that if more people truly believe that world peace is possible, it would really happen. So how does one get more people to believe that world peace is truly possible?

Dr. Martin Luther King said “Be the Peace YOU wanna see in the World”. That is definitely a great place to start. I am a strong believer in leading by example. I can not be anything but honest and tell you all that yes I have a violent history. I lived in very violent environments, and became someone I grew to despise. But over the years I changed. This led me to believe that if I could change and rather embrace Peace over violence, then anyone could.

Building off of the release of the song “I Want Peace” and the video I have decided to launch a campaign to promote PEACE! My stance against capital punishment took me all over the world. I spoke and performed in schools, universities, different institutions including churches and maximum security prisons. I went where ever I was called to. I am expecting no different with my Peace campaign. To get this campaign started, I am asking for YOUR HELP!

I have already begun promoting Peace on my own. Creating, recording, and releasing the song and video was all done out of pocket. It was a labour of LOVE! I have also made up some tee shirts and stickers that I both sell and give away. My goal is to distribute over One Million tee shirts, hoodies and or stickers that promote PEACE! I am also hoping to print up some fliers and pamphlets in the near future that instruct individuals how they can BEcome promoters of PEACE. Let’s face it, they spend TRILLIONS of dollars on creating and fighting wars. To counter the war mentality it is going to take a little bit of funding and a whole lot of time and effort. I have the TIME and EFFORT covered. Now I just need a bit of funding.

I plan on eventually starting a GoFundMe account, but I am first doing what I can to get the ball rolling on my own. On the homepage of this website I offer for purchase the single “I Want Peace” and also PEACE tee shirts. I will be adding a number of more PEACE promoting merchandise items in the store section of the site in the coming days. I have also went ahead and applied for a micro grant from Peace Project, Inc. I am also looking into other organizations that offer funding for such projects.

I want to be clear that this project is a NOT FOR PROFIT venture. ALL the proceeds will go into funding the project which will consist of distributing items that promote Peace which in turn further promote PEACE!. I hope to get to a point where I will be able to give these items away for FREE! I will be offering lectures/performances and workshops to schools, and culture houses all over Europe. It would be fantastic to be able to arm an entire school of young peace promoters with FREE shirts and literature to further the cause of PEACE and reach my long term goal of distributing one million items that promote Peace.

I pledge total transparency from start to finish. I will use most all social media outlets and you will be able to see your donations and contributions at work, being used for exactly what they’re intended to be used for.

With the ongoing wars and the constant threat of even more wars I feel it is time that WE the PEOPLE take action. Over the last decade I have witnessed the mentality of violence infiltrate and destroy the culture of Hip Hop which was founded on a foundation of PEACE. Many in societies view Hip Hop as VIOLENT! I am one that witnessed Hip Hop change an entire city first hand. Hip Hop transformed New York City in the 70’s when gang violence ran ramped. It went on to transform the entire planet. Hip Hop is without a doubt a cultural phenomenon that has affected youth culture around the world in a positive manner. So it is with the elements of Hip Hop that I seek to raise the Collective Consciousness to a level of PEACE once again within the Hip Hop community and all around the world.

To HELP me raise the Collective Consciousness it can be as simple as STREAMING the song I WANT PEACE on REPEAT! If together WE can garner one million streams, that would generate funds that would be used to further this cause. Sharing the song while streaming would be greatly appreciated. Purchasing any of the Peace promoting on the site items would also HELP to further the cause. I am also including a DONATE button on my website as well. No amount is to small. Even a donation of $1.00 would be greatly appreciated and used to further the cause.

Follow me on ALL my social media pages and you will see the actions unfolding. Help me make PEACE go viral. Let’s make PEACE trend! HELP me show and prove that one person can make a difference. I Thank you in advance for your HELP!

Peace, Love & Progress


'Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.' ~George Carlin


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