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Capital X is an internationally known Human/Prisoners Rights Activist/Death Penalty Opponent, Hiphop Advocate/Educator/Artist and self proclaimed Voice of the Voiceless. Born in Brooklyn, New York to where both of his parents had migrated from Puerto Rico during the "Great Migration" in the 1950’s. He now resides in Marnardal, Norway where he migrated to 2010. X has a rich history within the Hip Hop culture dating back to 1977 before the culture was even structured of it’s 5 elements and before it was all called Hip Hop. 

 Capital X met the spirit of Hiphop in Patillas, Puerto Rico where his cousin was part of an Uprock crew called the Dynamite Kids. X started with Uprocking and evolved into breaking which he did till he picked up the microphone in 1982. He always had a passion to become an MC but it wasn’t till he heard “The Message” by Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five that made his life changing decision to become an MC.

 By 1883 as part of the crew Unstoppable X signed his first record contract on independent Tommy James Records located in Long Island, New York. The group was quickly put to work recording at Sabella Recording Studio in Roslyn Heights, New York. Before the group even released their first scheduled single “Dropping The Bomb” Warner Brothers Records offered to buy out their contract. A mishandling of the deal by Tommy James Records ended in a legal battle headed by Capital X and his then attorney Jeffrey E. Jacobson of JACOBSON & COLFIN. The bitter battle ended with a new record contract by the Independent A.P.I. Records based in East Hanover, New Jersey. Unfortunately after a year and half of recording and touring in preparation for their debut release the 5 year 4 album record deal ended in a breech of contract lawsuit due to the incarceration of one of the groups main figures. Capital X’s imprisonment followed shortly there after. 

 Capital X was no stranger to the criminal justice system prior to his first imprisonment. Like many of his peers he was in and out of jails and institutions beginning in his early teens. Many of his early lyrics reflected these hard times as do his current writings. Like many in New York in the 80’s X saw Hiphop as his way out but his past had a grip upon him that he credits for catapulting into becoming he is today.

 In 1997 facing 21 years in prison Capital X was asked to help a 14 year old boy that was sentenced to 14 years in prison for first degree rape. Taurean White was the youngest prisoner in the state of North Carolina. He maintained his innocence throughout his trial and his parents and the local black community were fighting for his freedom. At first reluctant due to his own ordeal, X agreed to help in any way that he could. At the request of community leaders Capital X wrote and recorded a single that would used to raise funds for Tauean’s legal fund. The track “Ashes to Ashes” was a powerful song that spoke directly to Taurean telling him to hold strong to his faith, to keep his held high that he was not alone. Out on $100,000 bail with restrictions Capital X’s attorney asked the courts to allow him to travel to North Carolina where his mother and sister actually resided at the time. He was granted permission by the judge and what he encountered changed his life forever.

Upon arriving to North Carolina where the song was already being played by local radio stations X was greeted by Taurean’s parents, community leaders, supporters of Taurean and the press. It was then that Capital X realized the true power of Hip hop. His song has touched hundreds of people throughout North Carolina. He performed the song at a chosen local venue and tears flowed from every eye in attendance. After he spent time with the White family even visiting Taurean’s home and sitting his bedroom. He conducted a number of interviews as well before heading back north. After month’s of negotiations Capital X was sentenced to 5 year in prison. He maintained correspondence with Taurean who eventually was granted a new trail and was found innocent.

 While imprisoned Capital X transformed into the activist he is today. Once released in 2002 he quickly went to work studying the prison industrial complex and it’s effects, criminal justice, penology, criminology and capital punishment. In 2007 he released his debut solo album “305375” The Voice of the Voiceless (Volume 1)  which was given 5 on the Dice by Rune Slyngstad, Fædrelandsvennen, 07.09.2010. In late 2016 X dropped a straight to video single featuring Xam out of Mandal, Norway. The Marshtini produced tracked is now available at digital outlets. Though on a near 7 year hiatus X has release a number of straight to video tracks, has took part of a number of tours as well. His sophomore album “No Retirement Plan” is scheduled to be released in 2018 with the lead single and video due to be released in late 2017.

 Now settled in Marnardal, Norway X creates an array of different works of art from custom garment to handcrafted wooden jewellery and accessories. He is an accomplished graphic artist with a track record that speaks for itself.  


 Though Capital X is more known for his activism work he has performed in over 30 states across the US, also in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Czehia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. He has performed and worked with Grand Master Melle Mel, Kurtis Blow, Almighty Kay Gee (Cold Crush Brothers), The Great Peso (Fearless Four), Jeru The Damaja, Sadat X, Jasiri X, Akir, Diabolic, Da Circle, Immortal Technique, OuterSpace, AG (DITC), Black Sheep, Slaine (La Coka Nostra) Ill Bill (La Coka Nostra, Reef The Lost Cause, King Magnetic, Lost Children of Babylon, Slum Village, Gatas Parliment, Non Phixion, Sicknature, The Snowgoons and Jedi Mind Tricks. No matter the venue, no matter the crown X stayed true to his calling, speaking out against injustice, standing up for the condemned, and raising his voice for the voiceless. 

 Aside from his activism and music X creates an array of artwork from silk screened clothes, to wooden jewellery, graphic art, video productions just to touch on a few. All his artwork will available in the shop and through out the site he built. Below you can read up on the different services provided. We would like to thank you all in advance for your love and support. Peace and progress all ways. 



This site is built for supporters, promoters, event planners, schools, institutions and private citizens as well. I never liked the term fan, people calling their friends and family their fans. I’m just a cat from Brooklyn trying to live life on my terms. I more look to build bonds, gain support, and find real comrades in the struggle.

 I am definitely what you would call a starving artist. Literally! I have starved to do what I love to do. I speak on odd topics and stand up for those that no else will. Being an independent activist/artist is not the most glamorous career choice believe me. Come to find out you gain more enemies than supporters but I knew what I was signing up for.

 Over the years living independently I have found myself developing an array of skills. Doing lectures/workshops and live performances are what I do. But for the past 6 years I have helped develop Guerrilla Republik Apparel as one of it’s designers. I do graphics, CD Covers, Posters, Logo designs. I’ve worked with a host of touring artists and their merchandising and marketing needs. I promote events was the co-founder of K-Town Street Cypher in 2012 in Kristiansand, Norway. Everything from the lectures to logo designs and all in between it’s all centered around the culture of Hip Hop and my over 30 years of personal experience and education. 

  I just ask you take a look around the site. Come back a few times if you will. If you like what you see and want to see more of it please support. All kidding aside a lot of what I do is on a zero budget. The larger actions or events are funded simply by much appreciated support. I am all about giving back to the community and of course to my supporters. I’m not all about starting gofundme pages to fund projects. I do apply for cultural funding but unfortunately that's as far as it ever gets most of the times, me applying. So  I rather then create art and custom apparel, protest music and visual mayhem to show supporters we are doing this one way or another. We the people deserve to be heard and feared and my propaganda performances set the backdrop! I have a lot of new music coming, lots of cool visuals. Side note I film and edit most of my videos with some help from my right hand Miss Edith. I’m tossing around the idea of some kind of vlog. I’m going to work hard to keep the blog steady I’m gonna treat it like it’s my therapist. A lot goes into the making of each track and video and I plan on sharing that so stay tuned in. I been on a 7 year hiatus and yea it is definitely time to get back to doing what I do. It’s a brand new journey and I’m hoping to meet as many of you as possible on this journey. Contact me for events, protests, if you’re planning an event of protest, conferences, shows I do workshops, lectures and there is a load of different art, apparel and accessories all products made as a thank you for the support. Peace, Love and Progress to all.





NOTICE: This site is privately built, owned and maintained. This site has no affiliations to any corporations or businesses. Capital X is a public figure and all rights and business pertaining to this public figure are owned by the family of mentioned. All permissions, requests, licensing and or other offers can be inquired through the contact page. 


 Here we will go into more detail as to the services you can inquire about and or make offers on. Browse through the different services provided so to help you make your inquires simple and fast. Capital X specializes in DIY and guerrilla tactics with over 35 years of experience in Hiphop culture, music and entertainment and business, art and activism which he has utilized into this venture. Thank you

Lecture 5 Points, Alabama
Lecture 5 Points, Alabama 2
Lecture Kristiansand, Norway
After Lecture Modena, Italy
After lecture Modena, Italy
After lecture Bologna, Italy
Speaking in Kristiansand, Norway HS
Lecture in Vågsbygd, Norway
Samsen Culture Club Norway
Kristiansand Norway
Warming up the crown for Jedi Mind
Performing with Jedi Mind Tricks
Live in Pennsylvania USA
Oslo, Norway
Club Kick, Norway
Rocking in Jersey in the 80's
Spot Longe Newark, NJ
Caledonian, Norway
Club Skuret Oslo
Live in Croacia
Jesolo, Italy with Slum Village 07
Live in Glasgow, Scotland
Protest Festival, Norway
Live in Helsingor, Denmark
Live at Loppen in Copenhagen

Lectures: X is available for lectures at All level schools, Universities, Clubs, Conferences, Events, Institutions, and discussion panels. He has held lectures and done motivational type speeches in all level schools from elementary to high schools, universities, jails, prisons, churches, clubs and institutions in over 12 countries. X covers an array of different topics to choose from. If you don’t see a specific topic you can still inquire about it.

Lectures and speeches can be on but not limited to: Racism, Bullying, Drugs/Alcohol addiction, Gangs and Violence, Life in Prison, The Prison Industrial Complex, Capital Punishment, Hip Hop History, The Culture of Hip Hop, Hiphop the Alternative Education, Hiphop and Activism, Hiphop as a Career, The Purpose of Life,  Starting over.

 All lecture bookings include a Q&A segment and a small live exhibition where applicable. Send all inquiries and offers through our contact page. Please include as much detail as possible so to be able to process your inquiry as quickly as possible. INQUIRIES 

Live Performances: 

Live Performances: Capital X is now accepting offers for tours, live shows, concerts, special events, benefits for traditional venues small to large, private affairs, school, clubs. X has been performing since the early 80’s.  has performed in over 30 states across the US, also in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Czehia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. He has performed and worked with Grand Master Melle Mel, Kurtis Blow, Almighty Kay Gee (Cold Crush Brothers), The Great Peso (Fearless Four), Jeru The Damaja, Black Sheep, Sadat X, Jasiri X, Akir, Diabolic, Da Circle, Immortal Technique, OuterSpace, AG (DITC), Black Sheep, Slaine (La Coka Nostra) Ill Bill (La Coka Nostra, Reef The Lost Cause, King Magnetic, Lost Children of Babylon, Slum Village, Gatas Parliment, Non Phixion, Sicknature, The Snowgoons and Jedi Mind Tricks. 

 Known for his raptivism X considers himself an MC rather than a rapper. He came up watching the founders moved crowds since the late 70’s. His live performances are high energy filled with passion and emotion that leaves the crowd intoxicated. 

 All booking offers should be sent through our contact page. Please include as much detail as possible so to be able to respond accordingly. OFFERS

Graff Work Shop
Graff workshop

Workshops: X is available to host or partake in workshops. Starting out in the US over 20 years ago Capital X has donated his time and often finances towards outreach workshops and programs for at risk youth and young adults. From Hiphop history 101, to graffiti workshops, writers workshops, home recording workshops, Life skills workshops which focus on building self esteem and confidence. X has kept up a heavy presence around the Hop hop scene while residing in Norway and he has continued his work with youth.

 Over the years X has worked with various clubs, cultural houses, schools and festivals in hosting workshops. He has held workshops for and at, The Protest Festival, Skole Kristiansand, Xplosive Festival Stavanger, Vågsbyg High School, Flipside Skake Camp Lista, Stavanger Skate Club Stavanger, Mtroplitan’s Stavanger, Samsen Kristiansand, Tenheia Kristiansand, Marnardal Komunne Marnardal, Mandal High school in Mandal. 

 Please use our contact page to inquire about having Capital X host a workshop at you next event.  

Tinnheia Fritidssenter, Kristiansand
Flipside Skate Camp
Nybyen Skate Park Kristiansand
Samsen Culture Club
K-Town Street Cypher Block Party
K-Town Street Cypher #1
Vision Skate Park
Samsen Culture house, Kristiansand
Nybyen Park
Street Cypher


Capital X offers large and small group mentoring as well as one on one for special cases. X has made youth mentoring a life style. He believes heavily in leading by example. Having grown in some harsh and hostile environments X attributes his ability to connect with youth and young adults to being 100% brutally honest. He untilizes his past mistakes, abuse, discrimination and his long road to recovery along his formal education and over two decades of extensive research and life experiences within the Hiphop culture as tools. 

 X has mentored youth in the US, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. In Norway where he now resides he has worked for or with mentoring youth: Protest Festival, Samsen Culture House, Tinnheia Fritidssenter, Katedralskole kristiansand, Marnardal Kommune, Mandal, Kommune, Lindesneslosen, and Barnevarn.

 One hour of undivided attention given to a child can change the course of his life. An entire day or week of undivided attention, encouragement and healthy life choices can motivate, build self esteem, confidence and independence. To inquire about booking X for a mentorship please use the contact page. Send as as much detail as possible about your program so to make the processing simple and easy. 

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